42 km Intermediate Program


The Intermediate marathon program is a standalone 12 week program for those who have been running for at least 2 years.



The program starts at around 56-64km (35-40miles) per week, and the peak mileage will be around 84km (52miles) per week.
Marathon goal options in the program will range from 3h10 to 4h00.
Short distance target/required times:
Goal – 3h10min (41min for 10km, 1h30min for 21 km)
Goal – 3h30min (45min for 10km, 1h39min for 21 km)
Goal – 4h00min (51min for 10km, 1h52min for 21 km)
The program includes tips on strength training, nutrition as well as detailed pacing for training sessions.


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